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Sample Fixed Income Research & Macro Strategy (FIRMS) reports:



December 2021

2021’s last (major) roll of the data and policy dice

November 2021

Early EM rate hikes supporting EM currencies

October 2021

Underneath the bonnet of “sticky” global inflation

August 2021

Low global FX vol: maturity or complacency?

July 2021

Not “risk-on” or “risk-off”, rather What’s the risk?

May 2021

Tantrum “lite” won’t help US Dollar

April 2021

Crunch time for Singapore Dollar and Renminbi

March 2021

US and UK: The Comeback Kids

December 2020

Emerging Market currencies: Hopes and Realities

October 2020

Event risk and market volatility: Partners in crime

June 2020

Shape of Recovery: Square Root & Hockey Stick, 5 June 2020

March 2020

Emerging Market Central Banks Playing Catch-Up, 18 March 2020

January 2020

What next for Asian currencies, 31 January 2020

November 2019

Depressed FX volatility allows for few surprises

October 2019

The key quartet: US income, confidence, net worth and consumption

June 2019

Renminbi depreciation true to form

December 2018

Global central bank rate hikes: part solution, part problem

December 2017

Marathons, Hurdles, Sprints and Relays

October 2017

My Top Currency Charts

 August 2017

Broken Records

 June 2017

H2 2017: Something Old, Something New, Something Revisited

GBP - Hawkish Surprise Presents Selling opportunity

 May 2017

Politics Suspected of Interfering with Economics and Markets

April 2017

The Ultimate Guide to the 2017 French Elections: Part III

 January 2017

Chinese Renminbi: Squaring the circle

Paradox of Acute Uncertainty and Strong Consensus Views

 November 2016

EM Currencies, Fed, French Elections and UK Reflation “Lite”

 October 2016

Sterling: The Lady’s Not for Turning (Yet!)

 September 2016

Federal Reserve – the Father Christmas of Central Banks

Global Central Bank Easing Nearing Important Inflexion Point

 May 2016

US Economy Not at Full Employment

 January 2016

What to Expect in 2016 – Same, Same But Worst

 November 2015

Asian Currencies Sticking to Script

October 2015

Global Growth Down But Not Out

 September 2015

Deflation, What Deflation?

 June 2015

Headline EM FX Reserves Distort The Real Story

 May 2015

Asian Currencies’ Mini Comeback – Fizzle Not Fireworks

Conservatives Win Landslide Victory in UK Elections

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