Our Approach


4X Global Research focuses on investment themes where it can truly add value and does not try to be all research to all people. Its top-down, thematic approach, is grounded in both a detailed qualitative assessment of Emerging and G20 fixed income markets and economies and a rigorous quantitative analysis of data, trends, policy decisions and global events too often taken at face-value. 4X Global Research strongly believes that without hard data a report is merely an opinion and its unique charts are a key differentiator.

Its emphasis on the scope for central banks to cut their policy ratesa likely slowdown in US consumption growth and the risk of Renminbi downside has consistently challenged perceived wisdoms.


4X Global Research consistently challenges perceived wisdoms, consensus forecasts and market pricing, with the forward-looking FIRMS report shedding a spotlight on market moving developments across the developed and emerging market spectrum before they become headline news. It has made bold calls on G20 interest rates and currencies, the Eurozone’s future, British and French political and financial market developments and emerging market trends.

4X Global Research boasts a consistently strong forecasting track record for FX, rates and macro & political developments.


4X Global Research is dedicated to finding innovative ways to enhance its understanding and forecasting of macroeconomic and political developments and financial markets. To that effect, it has created a number of unique data series, including for quarterly global GDP growth (using IMF PPP weights) and monthly global retail sales.

Its database of monthly seasonal patterns for 32 major Nominal Effective Exchange Rates, going back to 2010, uses over 90,000 proprietary daily data points.


4X Global Research is not affiliated to any financial institution or media group and its research services are conflict-free, unbundled and selectively available. It always seeks to be unbiased and fully transparent in its views and forecasts.


4X Global Research has a long-standing relationship with over 50 senior (current and former) policy-makers and officials working for central banks, finance ministries, governments, parliaments and international organisations including the EBRD, EIB, European Commission, IMF and World Bank. 4X Global Research also works closely with industry associations, credit rating agencies and academics.