About 4X Global Research

4X Global Research was founded in 2017 to provide institutional and corporate clients with the substantive research, high-quality analysis and thoughtful insight on Emerging and G20 economies and financial markets they need to make informed and timely decisions and gain an edge in their investments.

Flagship Report

The Fixed Income Research and Macro Strategy (FIRMS) publication is a comprehensive, incisive and opportune 7-10 page bi-weekly report covering investment topics most relevant to subsequent portfolio and investment returns. The FIRMS Report is emailed to subscribers but other modes of distribution can be discussed. Subscribers also have full access to the extensive online research Archive.

Bespoke Client Services

4X Global Research also offers clients a range of specialised and personalised consultancy services, including overnight commentary, tailor-made research, regular conference calls, meetings and presentations.


4X Global Research is not affiliated to any brokerage or financial institution and its products and services are not linked in any way to execution services or transaction volumes. If you would like to discuss our clear and straightforward pricing structure please contact us.

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