Welcome to 4X Global Research

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4X Global Research is a London-based consultancy providing institutional and corporate clients with focused, actionable, innovative, independent and connected research on Emerging and G20 fixed income and FX markets and economies.

4X Global Research has a strong forecasting track record, rooted in both a qualitative and quantitative analysis of data, trends, policy decisions and global events. Its conflict-free and unbundled research services aim to give investors a unique edge in their investment decisions. Its exclusive subscription-based reports and consultancy services form the basis of a long-term strategic partnership with its clients.

4X Global Research is an Insight Provider at Smartkarma, a global investment research network for institutional investors, and contributor to Speevr One Pass. 4X Global Research regularly features on The Armchair Trader and Real Vision and presents at events hosted by the Electronic Research Interchange (Eri-c). 4X Global Research is a member of the European Association of Independent Research Providers (Euro IRP).


Olivier Desbarres

Olivier Desbarres founded 4X Global Research in 2017 to provide institutional and corporate clients with the substantive research, high-quality analysis and thoughtful insight on Emerging and G20 economies and financial markets they need to make informed and timely decisions and gain an edge in their investments.